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Produces by the Modern Waterproofing Company,

Bitumode is a line of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane of the Highestr quality.

Bitumode is modified by APP and APAO, thus guaranteeing superior performance under various conditions.


BITUMODE membranes, can be applied virtually anywhere where torch applied modified bitumen membranes subject to high mechanical stresses and Physical Properties are specified, and good cold flexibility features are required and also for structures subject to high water pressure.

BITUMODE membranes with mineral slated finish is recommended for exposed roofing system (Unprotected)

for Non-accessible roofs or roofs subject to low traffic conditions.



BITUMODE membranes has been designed with special regard to providing clients

with an excellent and versatile product.

  • Advantages of BITUMODE membranes include:

  • Easy to apply (by torch)

  • Hight mechanical properties

  • Absolute impermeability to eater.

  • Superb low temperature performance.

  • Excellent high temperature performance.

  • Resistant to soil chemicals and salts up to certain limits.

  • Resistant to penetration of plant roots (For ALPHA - P Anti-Root).

  • Rot-Proof.

  • High Dimensional Stability.

  • Excellent adhesion on any surface.

  • Environmentally friendly.


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3mm Sanded


4mm Granulated


4.5kg Granulated

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